PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Best read: excellent BBC series on the modern history of Iran.

How the whole red state vs. blue state got started. graphic of the political ad war of 2004.

OMG, if Rehnquist's illness means Bush makes a recess appointment to the Supreme Court, I'm going to thow a hissy fit.

* Jefferson Morley's World Opinion Roundup and bonus LiveOnline transcript.
* Why Thomas Friedman endorses George Bush.
* Aw, that's sweet. Maryland gangs form a truce.
* All politics is local: eleven states pick governors today.
* Man, I wonder why the Army National Guard is having problems signing up new recruits.
* Globalization: English identity vs. the chain store.
* The movies of the fall.

Whoah. There are lakes of water, beneath the Antarctic glaciers, that have been isolated for up to *15 million years.*

I heard it on NPR:
Fresh Air interview with George Carlin is quite possibly one of the best things I have heard on the radio in a while. Intelligent, entertaining, and informative.

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