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Last reminder: has a great local voting guide. Check it out!

Good read: The Post asks, when did voting get so intimidating?

Dick Meyer appreciates the irony that this long, bitter and grotesque campaign has brought so many people back to politics.

A divider, not a uniter: prominent Republicans turn against Bush.

And hey, what if the polls are just wrong?

When we have a winner:
If Kerry wins, he'll need some muscle.
If Bush wins, he'll need a mandate.

Ten key moments in the 2004 campaign.

* Media timing and the October surprise.
* There's no excuse for the troops in Iraq to still lack basic supplies.
* Let's not forget the thousands of prisoners of war still being held without trial or recourse in Guantanamo.
* William Safire saw a hidden message in the bin Laden tape.
* Some economists predict a post-election recession.
* States battle Wal-Mart over their terrible health care.
* "I've known some police chiefs who now hope their hometown team doesn't win because controlling a big crowd can be so difficult."
* Does the 'Flores hobbit' raise questions of religion?
* David Boreanaz signs for a new undercover cop show. I'll have to write to them and suggest the title NYPD Broods because I'm so witty.
* Courtesy, via Best Week Ever: from left to right: Katie Couric as Donald Trump, Al Roker as Oprah Winfrey, Matt Lauer as Paris Hilton, and Ann Curry as Tina Turner.

The BBC asks, what color was Jesus? looks at the current state of the horror movie.

Ten things we didn't know this time last week.

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