PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

The big winners this year were in the alternative media.

Whoah, scary. The paranoid madness of LaRouche's eternal campaign for the presidency, including brainwashing, conspiracy, and murder.

The economic view: counting the hidden costs of the war.

* More evidence of the CIA's secret prisoners, who remain unaccounted for.
* The soldiers at Abu Ghraib kept a logbook of conditions there.
* How the code of military justice has been secretly rewritten since 9/11.
* Now, the administration is split over the stalled tribunals.

* Thanks to the administration's mismanagement of the invasion, *hundreds of tons* of explosives went missing in Iraq.
* One hundred facts, one opinion. (Courtesy maroonmd and others.)
* California is rethinking its "three strikes" sentencing laws.
* Andy Rooney on problems with the military budget.
* Patents and Trademarks Office announces a new category for nanotechnology, and there's some cool stuff in the works.
* Joss Whedon closes the doors of Mutant Enemy.
* Rhys Ifans stars in a new movie based on an Ian McEwan novel.
* How to deal with election anxiety.

One hundred fifty years ago today, during the Crimean War, a misunderstood order sent more than 400 British cavalrymen thundering to their deaths, in the famed Charge of the Light Brigade.

The British Navy's first Satanist reports for duty.

Transcript of Jon Stewart's 60 Minutes appearance.

Ten things we didn't know this time last week.

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