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"Religious broadcaster Pat Robertson says he warned President Bush before U.S. troops invaded Iraq that the United States would sustain casualties but that Mr. Bush responded, 'Oh, no, we're not going to have any casualties.'"

Kerry supporters know Kerry's platform better than Bush supporters know Bush's platform. Kerry supporters also more knowledgeable on other topics. Very interesting study results here. I am always frightened when I see what people don't know about current events. (Courtesy thewronghands.)

Viacom and Disney fined by the FCC for putting too many commercials on during kids' TV.

Is material consumption outpacing the earth's ability to produce?

* Blair faces revolt in the House of Commons over the proposed troop move.
* Bush and Kerry answer questions on technology (Courtesy Troia.)
* Ted Rall presents the case against Bush, in ten points.
* Officers in charge of Abu Ghraib receive... promotions?
* Three officers from the Guantanamo tribunal team droppedafter complaints of bias.
* Disabled riders take Metro leaders through their day on the mass transit system, and the challenges they face.
* The whole story on the Laura Bush-Teresa Heinz Kerry fracas. Also, Howard Kurtz catches up on some of the fallout.
* Overweight men and thin men have poor sperm quality. Also, other effects of weight on reproduction.
* Can plasma beam propulsion cut a round trip to Mars down to 90 days?
* Wal-Mart won't be carrying The Daily Show's book.

Relatively unknown actor cast for Superman.

Whoah. Evidence found to support the theory of relativity.

Code-breaking and tension with allies in WW2.

Courtesy the BBC, ten ways to decide who will win the election.


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