PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

NOTE: Jon Stewart with be on 60 Minutes this Sunday night (CBS, 7 pm, football-permitting.)

Mental note: don't chug the rest of my coffee right before going to interview. Nervousness + caffeine and sugar rush + tendency to talk too much = me being a chatterbox. Blah blah blah. I'm even typing faster.

So, yeah. interviewed with the networking group over here. Seem like decent guys, totally not what I worked on before. Switches, servers, and VPNs, internal stuff, that sort of dilly-o. I think I impressed upon them that I could pick it up without too much trouble. They are good with flexible hours, and are good with me having to learn the new systems. And should I get over there, I bet the first project I'd get cracking on is do-cu-men-ta-tion, because they have no-ne.

After I got back, Connie B., my placement person, let me know that they interview a *lot* of people within the company, but usually hire outside people, so I shouldn't get my hopes up. I'm fine with that.

OK, enough work talk for now.

Look, a couple links.

The Futon Critic goes over ratings gains and losses from the past season to this one. Lots of fun stats. Also, compare your favorite canceled show from last season to what's replacing it now. And then explain to me who sacrificed who's firstborn to get that ratings jump for One Tree Hill.

The New York Times travel section talks about larpers. (Courtesy Latinate.)

And if you're into those sorts of labels, this is me: according to Politics Quiz.
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