PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Military officers and civilian officials from on the ground in Iraq discuss what the administration did wrong, and why.

Aid agencies warn climate changes could undo gains made in the war on poverty.

* CBS's Dick Meyer wonders why people want a contrite president.
* OK, shorter tours of duty are a nice idea, but sending them on tour after tour won't help the situation.
* The Taliban, in crisis over the Afghani elections, breaks into smaller groups.
* The Vatican sees anti-Catholic sentiment in countries with different viewpoints and policies.
* The UN predicts a boom in the, uh, robot labor force.
* Area arts programs on the rebound.
* Brief coverage of the Mikulski-Pipkin debate Monday night.
* New keychain device lets you turn off TVs, anywhere.

Dave Barry to take a leave of absence.

Nifty BBC contest: 101 years, 101 words. Whizzo!

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