PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

disjointed thoughts

Hmmm hmmm hmmm.

* Bebe was suspiciously well behaved today. I suspect she conspires.

* For Iceman: three-day scholarly conference on Godzilla.

* Anyone happen to own a CD by Lycia? I dug one of their songs on a Projekt compilation album, but wondering if it's worth searching out the real thing.

* Poll going up soon for songs I am considering for next kara-oke, that I would need to study up for. I just can't decide! Note: all of them are by women. Heh.

* Man, what am I going to do with myself when the election season is over? (Other than cry, I mean.)

* Oh, birthday planning soonly. I suspect it'll be dinner with people, like last year, and crashing Dona Quixote and Baldur's housewarming party. Alcohol may be involved. (Hmmm, club should be involved as well.)

* I've gotten out of the habit of journal'ing out things that go on in my life, but the past few weeks were kind of boring. OK, until last week, when Thursday was Indian food with gelfjenn and other cool people, Friday was Kara-oke with yet more cool people, and Saturday was helping Regent move and partying for Kermit's birthday (with, in fact, some of the same cool people, plus more.) I felt like a regular social butterfly!

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