PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Apollo 13 was decent, but I am glad I waited for it on cable. BIll Paxton's role was originally going to be John Cusack, and while I love wild Bill, I like John better.

Heavenly Creatures was pretty dang good; you can see how Peter Jackson was just getting his directorial legs under him. And awesome acting job by the two leads, those parts can't have been easy.

I purchased a copy of Joan of Arc at the dollar store, and I think it was a dollar well spent. Leelee Sobieski is pretty decent, and there's a good supporting cast. And hey, Neil Patrick Harris as King Charles, who wears a very floppy hat.

Sunday was Renfest, which was rather pleasantly uncrowded. Friends were hung out with, cabers were tossed, garb was worn. Monday, Red Queen and I hit Ikea, and brought home a fine TV stand and some curtains. Fun fun.

Oh, and in the upcoming Birds of Prey show, Sherilyn Fenn was originally cast to play Harlequin. Damnit! That would have been the *best show ever.*

Tonight, God willing, Blue Crush. Stay tuned.

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