PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

KARA-OKE 10/15/04

A near disaster turned into a great victory.

Arriving at Remington's, there was approximately *no* parking. Not a good sign. Getting inside, we find out there only doing karaoke on the first floor tonight, and they have a DJ upstairs (with like one guy dancing. Good call, guys.) Talking to the KJ later in the night, I found out it was that packed when the KJ got there, and hour before karaoke started.

We try to stick it out, with not even having enough room for everyone to sit down. After an hour, we're getting to the first song any of us put in. Screw that crap. We'd be lucky if we all got in one song, much less two. So, after a quick vote, and a single song, we head en masse to Sam's, the dive country place we hit last time. And there's literally one guy in there doing karaoke, and *all* the tables are empty. Brilliant!

As the selection at Sam's was more limited, we were half stealing each other's ideas left and right, but, again, at least we got to sing a bunch.

Oh, and side note for my journal users: I now have like ten people I need code names for. It's getting out of hand! Drastic action will need to be taken soon. Like, you know, giving them code names.

As always, please reply with any corrections or comments.

"Cecily" - U2, "One" (this was the only song at Remington's. Soon as she was done, we were outta there like a shot.)
Me - U2, "With or Without You" (Ehn.)
Ivy - "Come On Feel the Noise" (This title might be wrong.)
RedQueen - Wilson Phillips, "Hold On"
"Cecily": U2, "Beautiful Day"
McShifty - Beatles, "Michelle"
"Dara" - Soft Cell, "Tainted Love"
"Maia" - Blondie, "One Way or Another"
Me - Elvis, "In the Ghetto" (w00t)
Ivy - "Sweet Child of Mine"
"Cecily" - Allanah Myles, "Black Velvet"
McShifty - CCR, "Lookin' Out my Backdoor" (!)
"Dara" - 4 Non-Blondes, "What's Up"
"Maia" - "Who Can Save Your Soul?"
RedQueen - Toad the Wet Sprocket, "All I Want"
Me - Bon Jovi, "Wanted Dead or Alive"
"Cecily" - Chris Isaak, "Wicked Game"
"Dara" - "Shameless"
"Dr. Tim" (!) - Johnny Cash, "Ring of Fire"
Operative X (!!) - Elvis, "Suspicious Minds" (with Callico.)
"Maia" - "Bitch"
"Cecily," RedQueen, "Maia" & Me - B-52s, "Love Shack" (The crowd loved this.)
Callico (!!!) - "Wonderful Tonight" this point, we headed home, thanks to our lovely chaffeur, Baroness. I'm under the impression someone else wrote down later songs...

So, yeah. Once we got to Sam;s, rockin' was achieved. We were getting songs literally minutes after we put them in for a while there. Just a little harder finding something good in their limited catalog.

It was great seeing everyone, hope to get another night together soonly.

One of the songs one of the crowd did at Remington's was "Just a Girl," and at first I didn't realize it was a karaoke singer, because she sounded *identical* to the real singer.

And, yes, at Sam's, that drunk chick from last time showed up, and in short order, sang us some "Redneck Woman."
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