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Time marching on

Happy new year, one and all. Today's interesting and thematic new story:

Washington Post: Adolescence: Not Just for Kids

Basically, it's discussing the definition of 'adolescence' in today's American culture, and questioning when we should mark the end of youth and the beginning of adulthood.

This is something I have considered in the past. I always thought I started driving later than all the other kids, and that I moved out later than all the other kids. However, according to this article, I was right on schedule.

And I seem to be part of the strangely scariest statistic: "Educators like to boast that more high school graduates enter college now than ever before, about six out of every 10. But only about half of them complete four years of college, according to Jeffrey Arnett, a psychology professor at the University of Maryland."

Really, just some meaty thinking to start off the new year. When did I become an adult? Am I now?

I knew I wasn't when I graduated high school or when I got my license, the two earliest rites of passage. (Or at Confirmation, for my Catholic readers.) And had I graduated college, much less on schedule, I doubt that would have done the trick either. Getting this job, which turned into a career when I wasn't watching? No, not really then either. I was still living in a group house with college students. Moving out of the group house? Closer, but still not there.

Somewhere along the line, though, it happened, and I just started feeling more mature. I have the same financial problems as before, I'm barely out of living paycheck to paycheck, even after all these years. It seems the best benchmark I have found so far is how I deal with my relationships, viewing them as something to work on, instead of a temporary thing until I got older. Hmm.

Actually, I would expand that to social relationships, not just long-term girlfriends. It's even less definable there. I guess somewhere along the line, I stopped treating my friends like they were expendable. I wish there was a better way to say it, without sounding like a bastard, but I've never denied my past, and I said here I wouldn't lie. So there it is. Maybe it comes from being a military brat, moving every few years, and expecting people not to stick around. But I've been living here for twelve years, and had some friends nearly that long. And I started behaving "better" a few years ago, I really can't pinpoint when, precisely.

Please forgive all my dangling participles, and run-on sentences. I don't feel like correcting them today. I had more to write, but lost my train of thought when I took a call. Stupid work.

And while I thank Mz. Tork for her hexcellent pointing-out of the 'Edit Entries' capability, I find the spell checker creates a very usable preview ahead of time. Yay LJ.

MP3: Dance Hall Crashers' "Make Her Purr"
"These kids might as well start crying about prom now." -Lewis Black
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