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commie pinko day

"I've never thought the chances of John Kerry winning this fall were very good, since it's become clear these last four years that George W. Bush and his advisers are more cynical and ruthless than pretty much any group of politicos in the country's history."
-Noam Scheiber, The New Republic

Large essay comparing the modern conservative movement to the rise of fascism. Interesting stuff. (Courtesy Iceman.)

Using the "Stolen Honor" controversy to demonstrate the power of wikis. (Courtesy Aztec.)

Ted Rall on the real political division in America: jocks vs. geeks.

Post analysis explains how Bush's negative ads ended up helping Kerry in the polls.

* He's back: Thomas Friedman on Bush's 9/11 addiction.
* Kevin Drum on Bush's Osama gaff.
* Huh. The Bush administration tried to spin the largest deficit in history as... good news.
* The government is setting up an inquiry into Halliburton's no-bid contracts in Iraq.
* BBC wonders if US policy will change no matter who wins the election.
* James Baker caught using his position to benefit his corporate interests. (Courtesy Iceman.)
* China's economic revolution is ruining the environment.

Study finds a tiny minority of people are natural lie detectors.

Nifty: new X-Prizes offered to push the boundaries of science.

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