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Grr. Administration refuses to sign UN statement ensuring women's rights.

Despite Court ruling, not one Guantanamo detainee has seen a courtroom yet.

Voting group sues MD to be able to monitor elections.

You know that awful estate tax Bush keeps bringing up? Turns out it only hits about 4% of Americans - the majority of which are the wealthiest taxpayers.

* Dan Froomkin is back with a vengeance!
* LiveOnline transcript with Gwen Ifill. Bonus: Gwen Ifill's Dance Party! (Courtesy Operative X.)
* Howard Kurtz on Bush ducking questions, and more.
* OMG the Bulge is back!
* The NRA prepares to flex its muscles again.
* Even more election-day problems than originally expected. Is the system falling apart? The Post goes into details on Florida, which is just terrible.

* How the poor are inspired to radicalism in Morocco.
* BBC analysis of why retaking the Sunni areas of Iraq has been so tough.
* Radio Sawa isn't living up to the hype.
* BBC Q&A on the latest upswing in Gaza violence.
* Israel is worried about its 'world image.' I bet I know some ways they can improve it.
* Palestinians pay the price of intifada as well.
* How Western style management is turning up in the Japanese workplace.

* ISPs and privacy advocates won a quiet victory against the recording industry, while no one was watching.
* Senator Hollings is retiring, and say what you will about him, but he was funny.

* Speaking two languages is good for the brain.
* O'Reilly sued for sexual harassment? Haw haw!
* Tony Kornheiser sees losses as good news for the Redskins.
* A wishlist of actors we're happy to see back on TV, and those we want gone.
* A BBC timeline of twenty-five years of rap. Also, an article on the first rap hit, "Rapper's Delight."

I was hoping this Post article would feature more of the socially conscious topics that Green Arrow has featured over the years. Or Marvel's foray into the topic. But hey.

A geisha's photo journal.

OMG there's GOTHS in your VERY WORKPLACE. (Courtesy Callico.)

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