PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"What's really worrying is when the sight of a tank rolling by your car is just normal. It doesn't freak you out anymore, or frighten you. It's just another tank. That's scary, but that's our daily life. But that's just not what normal should look like."
-Salam Pax, Iraqi blogger

Our noble ally in the crusade for democracy, Saudi Arabia, once again deny women the right to vote or run for office.

Howard Kurtz on Halperin’s memo, Republican Congressional corruption, and more. More Republican corruption here.

David Ignatius finds places we can trim the defense budget. Yes, in wartime.

The rise of the temp (plus bonus graphic.)

20% of US jobs are below the poverty line.

* Human Rights Watch derides US on missing prisoners.
* Iraqi nuclear assets disappear on our watch. And why aren't we allowing IAEA representatives free access across the country?
* UN to investigate Afghani election. Here's the BBC Q&A on the issue. Can Iraq follow Afghanistan's democratic example?
* Hamdi sets foot in Saudi Arabia, a free man after two and a half years.
* Say what you will, but this year, the debates matter.
* Students in Moscow to be issued dog tags, while Japan is using radio IDs on their kids.
* Using "frog’s glue" to help joint problems in humans.
* There's a line between advertising to women and patronizing them.
* Richard Cohen on the dreams and reality of Christopher Reeve.

Fed-up MD students put their school woes on film.

French theaters to jam cell phone calls during the movies. Nice.

Oh, and as Norton didn't post his 'this day in history' wrapup, let me just take this time to say happy birthday to Aleister Crowley, an original rockstar.

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