PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

catching up is hard to do

Busy weekend, but fun.

Saturday, bebe-watching while RQ hit the dentist and then work. That evening, got together with a group of gamers (most of which I didn't know) at Magistrate's to start up a vaguely-monthy Shadowrun campaign. For those not in the know, Shadowrun is probably one of my favorite RPGs. Mind you, both the system and the rules are pretty dorky, but I still love the game.

Anyways. The group is a bit more combat-heavy and rules-crunchy than I am used to, but it's a fun group of people. I'm playing a vaguely-cybered Face character, and my shining moment for the day's run was, in fact, getting hit with a gas canister by our own rigger. Jackass! Heh. Really, I miss table-top a lot, and getting even a single session in makes me want to do it more. In fact, I'm pondering what I can run at my house for my non-cat-allergic friends. Whatever it is would have to be rules-light, so I'm leaning... Paranoia? Heh. Fall is here, and I am once again bitten by the gaming bug. Sadly, I have *zero* free time, but a boy can dream.

Sunday, mowed the lawn and sat through an extra *hour and a half* of traffic getting to RenFest. Haven't been up all year, but was convinced to call in the bebe-sitter so we could make it there for Pickett's birthday celebration. I did my part to keep the birthday boy in b00ze (and found some tasty drinks at the Wine Garden to boot.) Got to hang out with a handful of people I don't see remotely enough, which was also awesome. And as dr0nk enough by the end of the day to not really remember moving the car seat from my parents' car back to RQ's car (yet, not dr0nk enough to suffer any ill effects last night or this morning. Go tolerance!)

Thereafter, caught a fair amount of the Ravens-Redskins game (Eat it, nerds!) and also managed to sneak in Teen Titans (and wow, was that a real dog.) Stayed up late, um, not doing much followed by Venture Brothers, which continues to, uh, impress. Heh.

Planning for the next couple weekends remains lame. I was hoping to sneak in kara-oke Friday, but forgot that Saturday was the part-ay for Kermit's birthday. Stupid Libras. What I need to obtain is another bebe-sitter, or something.
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