PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

I would like to go back in time, say to college or so, and tell myself I would attend a primary party for Mayor Williams in DC in 2002. Life is weird. And Mayor Williams is really short. But anyways.

After tasty Japanese at Raku, Red Queen and I saw Enigma last night at the Landmark (my #3 favorite theater.) It's a nice little film, I prefer to think of it as the better version of A Beautiful Mind. It's only a little goofy in parts, but Jeremy Northram steals every scene he is in. He's like a shorter, skinnier, smarmier British Patrick Warburton with dialog by Tom Stoppard. Anyways, enjoyable flick.

And when you see indie movies, you get indie trailers. From those, I want to see. Igby Goes Down, Elling, maybe 8 Women. The Grey Zone will be rough, but also looks worth seeing. The posters for Satin Rouge and Skins also piqued my interest. Also, two new Hitler movies coming up, hopefully one of them will be decent.

NEWS-O-RAMA: Appealing to a higher intelligence, we must avoid the return fo the star chamber. China's back at oppressing basic human rights again, this time behind a firewall. And in case anyone forgot, we are still at war in Afghanistan.

The good ol' FCC is reviewing media ownership rules, but for the wrong reasons. Here's some fun stats on modern American ancestry.

Oh, and I don't think I will be commenting on this wrestling story.

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