PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Kenyan ecologist wins Nobel Peace Prize.

The Post offers some more questions for the debate tonight.
Plus, Howard Kurtz wonders about the WMD report's impact, and Dan Froomkin clues us in on what to listen for, and some conspiracy theory. (Bonus: USAToday, you scamps.)

Are today's Republicans like yesterday's Democrats? (Courtesy frecklefaerie.)

* Terrible sounds and sights in Gaza.
* Head of Iraqi tourism suggests there might, in fact, be safer destinations.
* Bush's isolation from reporters all these years may come back to haunt him.
* Dan Froomkin wonders about the WMDs.
* David Ignatius says it's just scummy politics as usual in the intelligence reform fight in Congress.
* Ted Rall shows how the Afghan invasion and aftermath as a dry run for Iraq, right down to the same problems.
* Gang war in Rio worsens.
* Canadian PM narrowly avoids no-confidence vote.
* Right, the anthrax attacks, keep forgetting about those.
* So. Which company sells the most fuel-efficient cars?
* Looking at the future of the web.

Using electroshock to save corals.

What if 40,000 people nationwide got together to build new playgrounds for children?

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