PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"As little as 27 cents of every dollar spent on Iraq's reconstruction has actually filtered down to projects benefiting Iraqis, a statistic that is prompting the State Department to fundamentally rethink the Bush administration's troubled reconstruction effort."

Conspiracy theories flourish on the web.

Ethics panel rebukes DeLay *again.*

Surgeon fights against the violence in Gaza with photographs.

Coalition forms to fight the DC stadium plans.

* Sharon's chief of staff says Israel intends to block Palestinian efforts for statehood.
* Post analysis of the new reports undermining the reasons behind our invasion of Iraq.
* CBS "What does it mean to you?" series continues, looking at both candidates' views on taxes.
* Electoral college wackiness in Colorado.
* What the US election outcome will mean to foreign countries.
* The king of Cambodia abdicates, again.

Unearthing Genghis Khan's palace, and maybe, his tomb.

Whoah. Researchers duplicate the killer 1918 flu strain.

Nifty exhibit shows pictures of online gamers alongside pictures of their virtual alter egos.
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