PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

So, with no traffic, it takes me 45 minutes to get out there (down 66 in VA, almost walking distance to Fair Lakes. About 35 miles from home.) Eep.

Today was all orientation, all the time. It's so exciting to see all these procedures done by a, you know, professional company. 40 people in our orientation class (which they hold weekly.) They're going through a big hiring phase right now, so if anyone is still interested, give me your resume and whatever. They just got some big new contract literally last week.

And heh, I was the only person in the orientation group to have never used Microsoft Outlook. Whoopsie!

Always feels funky filling out the 'in case you die, who gets your benefits?' forms.

While I am now salaried, they actually haven't found a position for me yet. Oddly, I have an office, which I saw today. Tiny, and I share it, but you know, money, so whatever. And I still get to show up at work bright and early tomorrow.

Bad news: they frown upon using computer for non-work things, so my time online during the day will be very limited. Oh, and the other bad news is I don't technically get paid until the 25th, so one more slim month for me.

Drive home, entirely acceptable levels of traffic, most of the way. Took me an hour to get to where 95 hits the Beltway. Of course, that's where the traffic started bad, so still took over an hour. If I can get out at 4, though, it might all work out. We'll see. Gotta learn how traffic flows and all. And hope today wasn't a fluke.
Tags: 2004, not news
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