PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"The American public gets most of its news from television, and it doesn't get enough. The evening news is 20 minutes long - nowhere near long enough to tell Americans what's going on in their own country, let alone anywhere else. One of the reasons America is hated around the world is because we're ignorant of everyone else's problems, and that's partly our fault. Television provides too little foreign news."
-Andy Rooney

60 Minutes had a great report on the children of baby boomers, and what their generation will be like.

A reporter's notes on leaving Baghdad.

There is a need to understand the mind of a terrorist.

* The Taliban isn't the only threat to the solvency of the Afghani election.
* A key piece of the Pentagon's strategy in Iraq is failing.
* Administration denies entry to 61 Cuban scholars and educators.
* Will this most recent ethics problem with DeLay signal a change?
* David Broder's description of Bush's real opponent in the debates.
* David Ignatius still has Iraq questions for both candidates.
* A Republican moderate in Congress decides to vote against Bush.
* Americans literally have no idea how vulnerable they are to computer attacks. It's kind of embarrassing.
* A BBC look at how young people's expectations about work are changing in Japan.
* Stephen Hunter talks about the heart of the samurai movie, and gives three recommendations.

Global warming means more hurricanes.

Without regular shuttle visits, the space station is filling up with, well, trash.

Johnny Depp voted as the epitome of cool. drops a fame audit bomb on Robert De Niro.

Ten things we didn't know this time last week.
Bonus: ten things about eBay.
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