PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

New movie trailers seen recently:
* Blade: Trinity - The trailer *opens* with a shot of Parker Posey as a vampire. And it only gets *better*. Can't wait.
* The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou - Guys, you had me at Wes Anderson. Adding in Willem Dafoe only sweetens the deal.
* Seed of Chucky - Is it OK to feel bad for Jennifer Tilly? Because I do. On the other hand, best cameo in a trailer *evar*.
* A Series of Unfortunate Events - uh, maybe. I never read the books, so I have no attachment there, and Jim Carrey isn't usually a big draw for me. We'll see what reviewers say.
* Shark Tale - I was only OK with this movie when it was called Finding Nemo.
* Surviving Christmas - Longer trailer isn't helping you, guys.
* Unleashed - OK, dude. It's Jet Li kicking people, so, good deal there. But really. Didn't you make the same movie when you made The Professional and La Femme Nikita? Branch out a little! (Though, always good to see Bob Hoskins again. And did Morgan Freeman just really need rent money or what?)
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