PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

THIS JUST IN: I had Marathon Deli for lunch, because I could. Feel free to be jealous now.

NEWS BUFFS: Thursday after the debates, The Daily Show will have post-debate coverage. Tune in!

Another reason this election is more important: whoever wins will likely be nominating a fair number of federal judges, including Supreme Court judges.

NYTimes takes a look at the Cheney-Halliburton situation, the facts we know and the questions unanswered.

Time magazine breaks a story about the CIA working to influence the upcoming Iraqi elections. More on this later.

* Let's not forget one of Bush's other failures: reviving missile defense (plus bonus graphic.)
* World Opinion Roundup looks at John Kerry's numbers and other topics from a foreign point of view.
* New Zealand deports Israeli spies. What were they spying on, a Xena convention? Also, check out the ninja in the second picture.
* Mayor Williams has a fine editorial in today's Post against the repealing of DC's gun control laws.
* Unraveling a biblical mystery, etched in silver.
* Unmasking Dali.
* Oddly, Miramax cuts its staff.
* Liam Neeson to star in new movie about Dr. Kinsey.
* The Moog makes a comeback.

After they close, museums are creepy.

Daily Show does some fact checking on O'Reilly.
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