PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Big news:

In short - remember those satellite photos our government had of Iraqi troops massing on the border to Saudi Arabia, prompting us to invade Iraq over ten years ago? Well, those were false pretenses, and there's no actual proof that troops were massing.

Points to remember - our current president is the direct descendant of Reagan and Bush Sr.'s administrations. George Jr. signed a controversial document, well before this current "War on Terror," basically revoking the law that all presidential documents became public after 25 years (as now the sitting president can say 'no, these documents are still too current and topical' and the documents just sit in storage like the Ark of the Covenant.) Let's count back 25 years, and we find ourself just before Reagan's first term, which is when they made agreements with Iraq (to help fight against the Shah) and some rebels called the Taliban, including Osama bin Laden (to help fight the Soviet menace in Afghanistan.)

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