PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Drug of the Nation:
* So, after the shenanigans of last night, we had TV night. As the two shows are playing at the same time, Regent taped Smallville, we taped Lost, she brought her tape by, and we were joined by Dona Quixote and Baldur for an evening of television und pizza und sandwiches of the ice cream variety. It was so cool, I'm hoping it becomes a regular thing. Y'know, as long as both shows continue to not suck.

Today's Complaint:
* Still sick. This is making me lazy and listless, so I don't have energy for important things, like City of Heroes. Also, threatening fun plans later in the week. Grr.

Soda Review:
* Pepsi Edge, to turn a phrase, is like having sex in a canoe in a lake of Pepsi: it's fucking close to Pepsi.
* That black Mountain Dew is fine, but it's no Livewire.

Quote of the Day:
"Whatever judgment history renders on this war, it will always be remembered as well victualed."

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