PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"At this writing, the world's greatest nation flails under the rule of buffoons and madmen, bogged down in two optional wars we're actually losing. The world's richest economy is shedding jobs, running up debts and building nothing for the future. Voters, offered an election year alternative to the subliterate idiot who single-handedly created this mess, spurn him for a leader even dumber than they are. America has become a stultocracy: government by morons, for morons."
-Ted Rall

Howard Kurtz has a few words about anonymous sources.

Great read: Dan Froomkin takes on the new trust issue with Bush.

Britain offers to pay off 10% of third world debt, and challenges other countries to do the same.

Maureen Dowd on Bush's new puppet.

Ted Rall on the tyranny of the masses.

David S. Broder thinks it's the media that lost in this election cycle.

"Shaped like a mitten."

* "Over the last decade gangs have spread across Central America, Mexico and the U.S., setting off a catastrophic crime wave."
* So. How will we know when it's time to leave Iraq?
* No matter what the administration says about Iraq being safe, the numbers say otherwise. Also, the BBC presents the Iraq security picture.
* The demise of a unit of the Iraqi Guard is an example of how mistakes have dramatically hurt the rebuilding effort.
* Israel continues to bulldoze Palestinian homes.
* Post analysis of Bush's environmental record (plus graphic.)
* Poverty is up while welfare enrollment declines.
* BBC look at concerns over the US elections this November.
* Post analysis shows Bush flip-flops just as much as Kerry, but labels are hard to shake.
* Speaking of which: Bush pulls funds from children's health care program.
* Egypt wonders if Mubarak's son will be the start of a dynasty.
* Controversy erupts over Egypt's proposal to unify prayer calls.
* FDA official was told by his bosses to censor data on antidepressants, and then perform a coverup.
* Today's obvious study: If you're sick, stay home from work.
* Wait, they actually named it "the Genesis Project"?
* Reality TV now features kids more and more often.

CNN takes the mystery and mystique out of Star Wars, and lets George Lucas defend the changes he made in the new DVDs. Also, an interesting sidebar with Mark Hamill.

Will HBO retain its dominance of television next year? Can Showtime play catch-up?

Pennsylvania court decision says it's OK to ride a horse while drunk. Also, they say, specifically, it's OK to ride 'a really large dog' while drunk. Those wacky activist judges!

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