PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

So, hit the Majestic theater in Silver Spring last night. They had an interesting mix of movies, from the very newest, to bad flicks from the beginning of summer. Odd lot. The place itself is *very* nice, and the chairs damn comfortable. Mostly. Since they don't stay leaned back, they end up supporting very good posture. Fine at first, but not as ideal as the slouchy chairs at Muvico. Oh, and the arm rests don't lift up. WTF mate? Anyways. Agent Dieter and the soon-to-be-code-named gelfjenn and I converged to watch...

Ghost in the Shell: Innocence was quite a film. People aren't joking when they say the movie is like 20% characters spewing out quotes. The dialog was overblown and pointless philosophy, which I expect to some degree in my anime, but they've really raised the bar here. I mean, it's both slow, rambling, and esoteric. Which is a shame, because there's an actual decent story going on behind all that. And even some of the points they labor over would be pretty interesting, if treated differently. The music was also pretty dang good.

And oh, the visuals. If I hadn't already been disappointed with Sky Captain, this movie would have done it for me, because the imagery and effects just put Sky Captain to shame. The graphics were complex, often hyper-realistic, and totally engrossing. I would say if you like that sort of thing, that's more than enough reason to watch the movie on the big screen, honestly.

Oh, and just in case I wasn't dorky enough here, let me note this is probably the best Shadowrun movie I've seen. It's cyberpunktastic.

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