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Pics from the new Fantastic Four movie:

Reed Richards
Sue Storm
The Thing
Johnny Storm

USA Today on Tuesday unveiled the first official images from 20th Century Fox's Fantastic Four movie.

Shown in full costume were Ioan Gruffudd as Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic), Michael Chiklis as Ben Grimm (The Thing), Jessica Alba as Sue Storm (Invisible Woman) and Chris Evans as Johnny Storm (Human Torch).

Chiklis clearly has the roughest go in the wardrobe department. But he told The Continuum that he did not want the role if The Thing was going to be a CG character.

"I felt that I would be wasted," he said. "I was assured from the get-go that that wasn't going to be the case, and I was thrilled. They would use some CGI enhancements in creating nuances.

"For an actor, it's a thrill to be involved in this type of thing. I've not done really anything of this scale. Everything I've done has been about the acting work, about character development, about people interacting. This is still very much like that, but with a huge scale of technical support around it."

Chiklis, 41, said he's been "training like a freak," for the role.

"I needed to trim down at the waist and bulk up at the chest. I'm hitting it big time."

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