PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

GOOD: Work was too busy for me to go eat lunch. Then more things broke, so since it was then tragically busy, I was able to take lunch, since it didn't matter either way.

GOOD: These pants have, in addition to like 47* pockets. I also uncovered today, the back pocket is big enough to hold a 300+ page paperback comfortably. I'm swimming.

SO-SO: I'm one-third of the way through the first Gaunt's Ghosts novel by Dan Abnett, First & Only. It hasn't caught me quite the same way that the Eisenhorn trilogy did, but I am willing to give it time. There's a lot more characters to keep track of, understandably.

ODD: How do people screw up cooking a microwave meal? I mean really. There's like three instructions, and one of those is 'don't poke yourself with the fork.' Yet I have seen two people at the ISP I work for screw it up in a big way.

* - 47 pockets is an exaggeration. OR IS IT?

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