PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

The middle class is disappearing, thanks to the new economy.

The BBC asks: do protests work?

* "As the scandal continues to expand, with two explosive official reports last month that implicate dozens of others up and down the military chain of command, the meaning of Lynndie England shifts and changes, too."
* BBC Q&A on the Iranian nuclear stand-off. Also, they have an analysis of their rejection of the UN's demands.
* The NYTimes notes neither candidate has actually said how they will end the war.
* Criticism of the New York City protesters' arrests grows.
* Huh. The internet writer who first fingered the CBS documents as fake turns out to be a lawyer with connections to the Republican party.
* About time: GOP senators raising concerns about Iraq.
* Digging up clues about the earliest humans in the Carpathian Mountains.
* Crime shows are making forensic science cool.
* The history of the 'Page Three Girl' in England's press.
* The BBC looks at the 'future of affection.' How will the high tech world of tomorrow affect our interpersonal relationships?

Hee hee: "No, it's not you - this really is the most bewildering TV season ever." Lisa de Moraes tries to explain the networks' strategies.

The Daily Show picks up a couple Emmys.

Ten things we didn't know this time last week.

Nifty essay: "Comics in Context: Women of Wonder." (It's a pretty keen series, if you're bored at work or something.)

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