PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow was amusing, but not great. Pretty? Yes. Overly interesting? Not really, no.

The characters were *entirely* one dimensional. In this new era of computerized film-making, when such great visuals are possible, you really need some more substance to your film than pretty visuals to go from 'eye candy' to 'good movie.' And they sure didn't.

Man, the dialogue... one reviewer said it sounded like George Lucas wrote it, and that's not far off.

You know, if you're spending all this money on the computerized backdrops, you could try to keep them from looking like matte paintings. Because, if you're not, I know of a great way to save a couple bucks.

So. Good for a couple laughs, and some decent chase scenes, but nothing that'll stick with you.

And why was Shamballa filmed in Lothlorien?

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