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Details on the FBI's ' October crackdown on terrorism. "Specifically, the plan calls for 'aggressive - even obvious - surveillance' techniques to be used on a short list of people suspected of being terrorist sympathizers, but who have not committed a crime." Welcome to America, land of the free!

"The fact that Ralph Nader secured a place on the Florida ballot by means of the Pat Buchanan Reform Party speaks for itself. In state after state, Nader has become an extension of the Republican Party and their corporate backers."
-Terry McAuliffe, Democratic National Committee Chairman

More on how the Florida Supreme Court put Nader on the ballot, and the arguments against.

* Puzzling through the thorny topic of issue ads.
* David Cole writes about Ashcroft's un-American methods in running the administration's scare campaign.
* David Broder asks about the questions we should be asking now, ones that really matter, for the upcoming day after the inauguration in January.
* Hey, remember when Bush cared about immigration reform for like a month or so?
* And hey, remember that serial arsonist in DC? Yeah, still going.
* Rushing training for the Guard for an Iraqi deployment is causing stress problems.
* Ah, Cheney, the voice of fear in these otherwise peaceful times.
* Colbert King explains why the District should defend its election of Barry.
* The price of college textbooks is climbing sharply.
* Will our 'body clocks' be a hindrance to space exploration?
* Can the Miss America pageant survive in the era of reality TV?

Doctors prepare to try a face transplant.

Tom Shales is hopeful for the fall TV season.

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