PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Neat! BBC presents the changing borders of Europe, with interactive maps.

The CIA releases a pretty grim outlook for Iraq.

Central America is facing an explosion of gang violence.

* GOP senators try to push through a repeal of DC's strict gun laws, as a political gimmick.
* General warns about upcoming shortage of specialists.
* Good overview of the NYC mass protester arrest lawsuits.
* Fewer people in the US are graduating college.
* Why Kerry must go on the attack. Sorry, I meant ATTACK. (Courtesy Operative X.)
* The BBC looks at how Bush has divided America.
* Bush's problem with 'the reality thing.'
* In California, sixty charter schools go under. "The critics of market-oriented reforms warned of risks with the philosophy of let-the-buyer-beware, but in this case, buyers were just totally hung out to dry."

Maureen Dowd and Gail Collins answer readers' questions about the presidency, women, and the election.

Heh heh. Steve Hartman crashes a high school reunion.

And, courtesy asimplelife, what if Bush ran against Jesus?

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