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Many rambling topics.

Just got back from a surprisingly long night of card gaming with friends. We played the new game "Munchkin" which is illustrated with pictures by Dork Tower's John Kovalic. It's a fun little game, highly recommended for the gamer set. Though the end can drag out and be bit, ah, anti-climatic at times.

My company (Intermedia) was recently bought by one company (MCI-WorldCom, you may have heard of them) and in turn my half of the company was sold to a third (Allegiance.) A boring tale I would not have included if not to explain how MCI/Intermedia decided to screw us over one last time. They decided that, since the sale was finalized between pay periods, they would only cut us half a paycheck. However, as the ink was so fresh, Allegiance can't cut us paychecks for three weeks. Meaning, yes, the week after Christmas, we get half a paycheck, and no more expected for two weeks. Inauspicious!

The good news is, my most hexcellent roommate, Agent Orange, agreed to let me cough in my half when I get the money, meaning I don't have to return to the poor house as I feared I would. Yay Orange!

I commenced my annual process of making a list of things I need to get now that Christmas is over and no one got these things for me. The first purchase was today, a cheap-o steering wheel cover for my fine blue car. Someone told me that black and blue don't "match," but I ignored that warning. Next purchase planned is gloves, as it is frikkin' cold out.

Surreal note of the day: This is sure to creep out Miss Scarlett, but here goes. The steering wheel cover is ridged, for better gripping power, I suppose. And it being cold and faux leather, it's remarkably dry. As are my hands (reference the previous tale of the broken humidifier, which I dilligently keep running, in case it repairs itself.) So when I turn the wheel, and let the wheel slide back into place across my ungloved hands, it hisses like a rattlesnake, the ridges bumping across my palm.

Incidentally, third purchase on the shopping list is Kavalier & Clay for BookKlub in two weeks.

My car is having electrical problems, and tragically, the place I have been told is the best to fix it doesn't re-open until the second. Luckily, the problem only manifests as headlight issues (the regular headlights don't work, and only one of the brights does.) This however severely limits my nighttime driving. Car problems always make me review just how much freedom having a car gives me, as noticeable as it is in its absence. Luckily, this won't be a major issue.

My work friend who lives near me and works the same hours I do (The Fish) would normally be my 'dropping off car and giving rides to work' buddy. Tragically, his car is in for repairs for, you guesses it, electrical problems, so fun fun scheduling repairs. Shouldn't be too taxing, but just an added hassle. Karmic!

I am beginning to think I am honestly incapable of stopping bidding on eBay things. This is a true test of my otherwise remarkable willpower! Le dang.

Spent yesterday evening at a big family dinner with Miss Scarlett's folks in, uh, Pennsylvania just over the Delaware border. Was pretty nice, I met her brother's in-laws. Nice long talks in car both ways, when I wasn't falling asleep (I sometimes have problems staying awake as the passenger, see previous notes on cars and freedom.)
Friday night found me at the Fish's apartment. Another quietish night with friends. The sin: the Fish is still an occasional Magic (TM) player, and watching them play a couple games rekindled my vague interest. Luckily, I own no cards, but there's a part of my life I don't want to revisit. Save the occasional nostalgia tour. * Anyways, I spent the majority of the night happliy alphabitizing cards while other people played the Lord of th Rings (TM) board game. Man, I love alphabetizing and organizing. Latent librarian genes, which probably were carried down from Mom's Engligh-major-ness.

The other positive report, other than beginning the updates to my web page, is that I finally got some good ideas for the role-playing game I intend to run soon. Like, solid plot ideas to build a playable game. Now just to figure out who to invite to play, and when to run, and to finish writing up background materials. Mag-ni-ficent. I really miss running a regular game.

And if I don't talk to you, whoever you are, before then, Happy New year, y0.

MP3 playing: David Bowie's "Magic Dance"
Song eternally stuck in head: Camper Van Beethoven's "Pictures of Matchstick Men"

* - Please note I play a couple collectible cards games to this day. Just not Magic (TM). This is a big of hypocrisy I allow myself.
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