PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Fistfight in Parliament!

If the occupation is going so well, why is the administration yet again diverting reconstruction money back into the security forces?

So, everyone knows Bush is "religious," but we don't know many actual details on his faith.

* Maureen Dowd with a conspiracy theory for the CBS documents scandal.
* State Department rebukes Saudi Arabia's religious persecution.
* Europe forced to rethink security.
* 60 Minutes interview with Lt. General Boykin. (Bonus: they bring up the picture he took of Satan. Yes, that Satan.)
* Howard Kurtz's column mentions "Karl Rove's flying monkeys." (Bonus: LiveOnline transcript from Monday.)
* BBC article on the role of religion in American politics.
* A new court battle over the chemicals used for lethal injections.
* Nader put on Florida ballot in opposition to a court order, thanks to a member of the Republican administration.
* Two people arrested for wearing anti-Bush shirts file a lawsuit.
* editorial wonders where Bush's reaction to Putin's power grab is?
* What about people with dementia voting?
* Missile defense system test put off once again, coincidentally until after the election in November.
* Looking at Bush's record on the environment.
* Judge blocks attempt to remove election chief in MD.
* BBC Talking Points: humanity is changing from a rural to an urban species.

Employers debating the pros and cons of employees instant messaging at work. review of the new Daily Show book.

Huh. The Sri Lanka handball team disappears.

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    What lead to the death of the enclosed mall as a concept?

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