PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

two memes, both oddly accurate

LJ Friends Hallowe'en by jacquelinetm
Favorite Treat/Candy
The Witchlilmymble
The Vampiresomesecret
The Headless Horsemanthatwhichisgene
Frankenstein's Monsterasimplelife
The Princesstmorita
The Devilsophistbastard
The Ninjaikirus
The Ghostlystra
The Sexy Catbastiality
The One Who Doesn't Dress Uppseudotheist
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If your life was a sci-fi TV show... by guybrush
Series Name:
Core sci-fi trope:
Your nerdy but brilliant scientist:young_egotist
Your robot/half-alien/etc. trying to become human:alainnduil
Your sexy but brilliant scientist:ninjabunny
Version of you from a parallel universe:mediaprophet
Your brooding but brilliant scientist:thelohrax
Your hot-headed military/action type:marag
Number of seasons before cancellation:1
Your show is cancelled because:it's too commercial, so the fans only tune in to argue about how crap it is.
The chance of your show becoming a cult hit is:: 62%
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