PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Paul Krugman on 'the dishonesty thing.'

Post editorial on the failed prisoner abuse investigation. Random kudos to Warner, though.

* The Army says the CIA was hiding more secret captives than originally stated. WTF, mate?
* House GOP leaders (led by DeLay, of course) decide to go their own way on the 9/11 commission response.
* Post analysis: experts predict extended war in Iraq (duh) as casualties rise.
* Whoo. Part of the Halliburton contract is getting chopped up.
* Thanks to Congress's inaction, the assault weapon ban is going away. You know, the one that the American people is solidly behind. But, how effective was the ban, really?
* Nicholas Kristof on Bush's missing National Guard records.
* Arab press denounces the Beslan massacre.
* Who will have the last laugh? The aftermath of the Republican convention protesters in New York City.
* Very enlightening: interviews with average attendees of the Republican convention. (Courtesy Stephen Notley.)

[I have been totally slacking on this news business. Long week, yo. Please, drop a comment with interesting stories I missed. -PMMJ]

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