PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

The administration admits that rebels control key regions in Iraq.

Cheney says if we vote for Kerry, the terrorists will attack again. No, almost literally.

The deficit continues to grow at record rates, and there's no plan to pay it off. Oddly enough, this differs from what Bush said. By a lot.

* Why Putin will not alter his course on Chechnya.
* Having released all the documents they had on Bush's Guard service months ago, the Pentagon mysteriously finds more documents (that still don't answer the questions asked, but hey.)
* Post editorial denounces Tariq Ramadan's visa revocation.
* Quietly, the role of women in the military and combat is changing.
* The quest for women's rights in Afghanistan is cut short early.
* Sure, why not put a "DNA library" on the moon.

frecklefaerie's open letter to Lt. Governor Michael Steele.

"The problem for the United States is the disconnect between this self-image and the way the rest of the world feels about us. Increasingly, people in other countries don't see America as that beacon of idealism but as something menacing. We can think they're wrong and we can choose to ignore them, but unfortunately, that won't change the way they feel."
-David Ignatius
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