PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

As mentioned before, my parents' house flooded last week. This lead to them bringing nine boxes of my old stuff from their house and dumping it off at mine. As all the boxes smelled like ferret or dust or damp, this means I've been sneezing for the past hour or so while I quickly peruse the boxes to see if anything is worth salvaging, and putting the rest on the curb. But oh, some treasures were found:

* My Cub Scouts pins, my Blockbuster badge (to which I had attached an NC-17 sticker. Heh.) and my JROTC pins.
* Oh so many buttons. I was also a damn hippie back in the day.
* My junior high prom key chain, and the receipt for the corsages for my senior prom.
* Some notes passed back and forth in various classes in high school, some of which are unsigned, and I have no idea who I was writing to. However, after analysis of a couple of them, I figured out that this one girl had a crush on me back then, and I was *completely oblivious* to it. She even offered to buy me tickets to the Chicago concert!
* Regent: two words - visor clips.
* Most importantly: my family's copy of the Moonlighting episode "The Taming of the Shrew." I'm scared to watch it, for fear it will crumble to dust before my eyes. But, oh, the commercials alone would be worth it!

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