PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

One by one, cities in Iraqi are becoming no-go zones.

The next economic shock will be debt, not oil.

Report reads, sure, the economy is technically getting better, but things are even worse for workers.

* Russia admits it lied about the scope of the Beslan crisis. The BBC has an analysis of the hostage-takers.
* Huh: The Dept. of Justice wants to keep quiet a case regarding IDs and privacy.
* But cool: NIH wants to make public all research done with its money.
* Swing voters not pleased with the product both parties are putting out.
* Debating the option of 'going negative' on the campaign trail.
* A serial killer in Wichita reappears after 25 years.
* Howard Kurtz isn't happy about celebrities and politicos pretending to be journalists.
* Teaching modern music to expand the curriculum at expanding Christian fundamentalist colleges.
* Dubai is reinventing itself as a rich tourist resort, and building bigger all the time.
* Huh. Shanghai to honor its Jewish legacy.
* Crazy retrieval planned for incoming NASA solar probe.

get your war on has been updated.

Tedd Rall on swing states.

Andy Rooney on how much of an economic bust the Republican convention was for New York.

And... ten things we didn't know this time last week.

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