PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

doo bee doo bee doo

Friday, McShifty had people over for a fine cookout. He even provided the chow, including authentic-ish Chicago hot dogs! The Amish wasabi peas I brought (which I meant to break out at book club) were a minor hit as well. Anyways. I drank a handful of cider-y things, we pretty much just chatted all night, and had a damn fine evening.

RQ also got called in to do some freelance writing. She was there yesterday and today, and will be there tomorrow, at least. Which is good, because we can use the money, but that means plenty of bebe time for me. Bebe's been, uh, OK for the most part, though she won't lay down for naps like she's supposed to.

Man, why is Teen Titans getting better, while JLU suffers from the half-hour format?

Today, fun little family get-together at my sister's pad for my nephew's first birthday party. Pretty quiet (well, as quiet as any Jacobus gathering is) but nice.

Tomorrow, more bebe-watching, then a cookout at Norton's. Then, more bebe-watching, as RQ is hitting the concert at the Nations Gothics Club with my sister.

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