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"On the very day that George Bush changed his mind and said that the war on terrorism was in fact winnable, the following things happened: Suicide bombers killed 16 people in Israel; 12 Nepalese service workers (dishwashers, etc.) were massacred in Iraq; five Afghans were accidentally killed by U.S. forces in Afghanistan; nine people were killed by a suicide bomber at a Moscow subway station, and five more American servicemen were reported dead in Iraq."
-Richard Cohen

* Good read: Richard Cohenon Bush, the truth, and terrorism.
* Tom Shales's excellent review of Bush's speech.
* LiveOnline transcript from two of the correspondents to the Republican convention. Nifty wrapup.
* David Brooks ponders a second term for Bush.

* Following the leak, on to neoconservatives and Iran experts. It's getting juicy.
* NYTimes editorial looks at the Chechnya quagmire, and its effect on the world.
* Putin blames law enforcement for school siege, and points to the breakup of the Soviet Union. (Man, must suck to have a leader who just won't shoulder any responsibility. Wait.)
* Attempts to oust the MD Elections Administrator raise eyebrows.
* In the wake of the Bryant case, the media needs to rethink how it reports on rape cases.
* Does the video gaming industry ignore casual gamers?

Then again, some of the information the government marks as classified is just silly.

The Straight Dope blows the lid off the diamond industry scam. (Courtesy Operative X.)

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