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And as the Pentagon probe widens, who do we turn up but our old pal Chalabi. Why isn't some Democrat mentioning this goofball as another intelligence failure?

* analysis of Bush's speech: once again, broad ideas, no details. The sees pretty much the same thing.
* Remembering what Bush promised at the convention four years ago. The Post looks at his "great goals" as well.
* NYTimes editorial sees a worldwide strategy as the only way to mitigate terrorism.
* The fallout of Zell Miller's tirade begins to take shape.
* Reviewing the GOP's distortion of the facts about Kerry.
* The BBC presents George Bush's life in pictures.
* LiveOnline transcript with Al Franken at the Republican convention.
* Looking at Bush through the lens of Shakespeare.

* Power shortages hit China's massive growth and expansion.
* India court refuses to legalize homosexuality.
* Israel demolishes more Palestinian homes, under the cover of night.
* New report suggests a change in how we go about looking for extraterrestrial intelligence.
* Drilling into the San Andreas Fault, to uncover details about earthquakes.
* Huh. Dyslexia is different in different cultures.
* DiCaprio and Maguire sue to keep one of their indy films from being released.

Movie trends continue to change, as this summer saw a number of serious films released.

I don't know how to describe this cake theft article (courtesy McShifty.)

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