PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

The Plan was simple. As I knew my work was ending, I saved up money all year (no small feat for me; I am firmly in the crowd that money is made to be spent.) Thusly, when my job was over, I had more money saved up than at any point in my life. Ka-ching! All else being equal, I wouldn't have to actually find a job until November or so.

"Announcing your plans is a good way to hear God laugh."
-Al, Deadwood

So, of course, it's never "all else being equal." Both trips cost more than I budgeted for. My glasses needed replacing, and were more expensive than I expected. Oh, and then my car broke in an undriveable way, which meant I had to fix it instead of putting it off. That was a month's worth of rent right there. And biggest of all, RQ stopped getting steady paychecks less than a month after I was laid off, meaning even more money gone. In fact, most of it is gone now, so I actually need to find a job, after this nice vacation I've had.

Some would say, I was born under a lucky star. This morning, I got a call from the HR department at an IT contracting company (SRA) looking to hire me for a new NOC they are creating to support the IT for the HHS Department. Full time job, benefits, etc. (My resume was put in for me and recommended by a certain Nigerian former coworker, who I will owe big time if this goes through.) Fingers are crossed there. It's even in Maryland!

In addition, I finally made my way down to campus today, to hit the Career Center. This is a trial in and of itself. So, I get there, and find out PG2 no longer has meters. There's like no meters on that side of campus, it seems. I end up at a 30-minute meter, *behind* the Cambridge Quad. Now, since the Career Center is in Hornbake, I know this is a crappy plan, but hey. It all worked out OK, though, because it turns out I didn't want the Career Center at all, I wanted the Personnel Department, which is centered out of... the Chesapeake Building. Which is past Lot 4, in fact you can see it from 193. So, hike out there, and find out, in fact, they don't have any better resources than what they already have available online. Yeeps. I *did* find a part-time librarian position! Making all of $12 an hour. Uh, no. I *may,* however, apply for the admin 2 position working for the Greek Council. Heh.

Let me also note the Closet of Comics changed their name without notice like two weeks ago, now they're Liberty Comics and Books. Oh, and there's an ENTIRELY NEW BUILDING NEXT TO THEM that was an empty lot last month. World, moving too fast.

I probably forgot something in there, but if so I will add it in comments later.

Finally, since you sat through all that so patiently, a pic of my bebe at day care, on Wear Something Red Day. Dosvedanya, comrade!

UPDATE: Interview tomorrow. w00t.
Also, I finally set up that gmail account thingy, it's paul dot jacobus at gmail dot com. Think I'll use that as my new primary backup when my regular e-mail dies. FYI.
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