PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"In looking back to four years ago, we are struck by the ways in which the Bush presidency has been different from the way it was originally sold to the country."

Attacks on journalists are up sharply worldwide.

StratFor overviews the current situation in Iraq (Courtesy castironskillet.)

Does Putin have a way to fix the Chechnya situation?

* So, Bush has 'leadership' and 'resolve.' Does he have any actual, you know, plan?
* The BBC thinks a Bush second term would be quieter.
* David Ignatius has some questions for the wartime president.
* Gay Republicans want more of a voice.
* USAToday sent Michael Moore as their correspondent to the Republican convention? Hardcore!
* Ehrlich keeps a low profile these days, even within his own party. I mean, except when he gets in trouble for calling an entire party racist.
* McCain's bipartisan popularity is pretty impressive.

* WTO sanctions the US over administration's policy.
* Bush flip-flops on whether the 'war on terror' can be won.
* Scientists labor at the quest for the cause of cancer.
* Increase in the acidity of the ocean could spell big trouble down the road.
* British scientists attack the US-backed bid to ban cloning worldwide.
* Figuring out the upcoming hits and misses from the technology hype cycle.

Japanese culture slowly changes, as the number of happily single women is on the rise.

Bear tries to break out of zoo, steal bicycle.
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