PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Last night was the Club of Books, and it was a grand success. Pretty much everyone showed, best attendance in a long while. Guess people had a lot to talk about. Bebe didn't get to bed beforehand, though, so she was a bit of a handful during.

And Sunday night was The Manchurian Candidate. My sights were set pretty low, so when it turned out halfway decent, I was pleasantly surprised. I agree with the one reviewer who said they might as well have called it "The Halliburton Candidate" because there was *no* doubt about where it was going. They really only took the basic outline of the original (OK, and a couple direct homages, as well) and went their own way with things, which was IMHO the best way to run with it. And Liev Schreiber does deserve a nomination for really running with a tough role.

Now, to finish the weekly Quote-O-Rama update. L5R tonight. Rest of the week, up in the air. Busy weekend ahead. Where the heck did August go?

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