PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Oh, InDemand. You bring treasures, and you bring... not so much treasures.

After cartoons tonight (which ruled,) flipped through the movie selection, and it was time for me to finally watch.. Anaconda. And wow. That was certainly a movie. Jon Voight deserved an Oscar for "Best Christopher Walken/Marlon Brando Impersonation." And man, the bad, bad special effects. Just an all-around winner. The rule is, if you think you should be drinking when you see a certain movie, you're usually right.

Also. Friday afternoon was lunch with Lemon Russ, followed by a matinee of Hero. Beautiful, wonderful movie, one of the best of the year, easily. I could go on about it, but just trust me on this one, and don't miss it on the big screen.

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