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The number of poor and uninsured rises again last year. But don't worry, the tax cuts are clearly working.

Post analysis of the Abu Ghraib reports, pointing to the widespread nature of the abuse, and the leadership failures straight up to the top.

A BBC reporter's report, after a week on the ground in Najaf.

* Howard Kurtz defends 527s.
* Wiccans seek greater acceptance in the military. (Also courtesy angela_la_la.)
* Beagle team issues its internal report on what went wrong.
* Smallest 'Earth-like' planet found outside the solar system.
* Another report on global warming is harder for the administration to deny.
* Sex books topping the sales lists.
* Danny Glover arrested in protest over Darfur.
* Korea looking to an ancient kingdom for guidance for the future.

TV Tome article on the rise and fall of supernatural shows at the WB.

"Every month, a few hundred gay and lesbian bar crawlers pick a 'straight' establishment and descend en masse."

Writer Elisabeth Kubler-Ross passed away.

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