PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Some news...

Remember when the Bush campaign claimed there was no connection between them and the Swift Boat Veterans ads? Well, what they meant to say was, no connection except for that guy working for both of them. Yeesh. I expect a little better lying from my government, really.

Cheney says gay marriage should remain a state issue. Well, OK. The Post says that's good, but isn't enough. Dan Froomkin takes a look at the reaction, and other news.

Reporter to name names on the Plame leak. Hello, Libby.

IMHO, Jon Stewart should have asked some harder questions when he interviewed John Kerry, but that's me. Howard Kurtz takes a look at reaction to it, and other news.

"At one point, a cat fell through the roof and landed on someone's head." Cyprus state radio taken off the air by, uh, fleas.

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