PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"An unabashed racist won the Republican nomination for a House district in Tennessee earlier this month. James Hart, who contends that whites should not mix with 'less favored races,' thumped a Republican write-in candidate - 7,865 to 2,061 - to win the party's nomination for the state's 8th Congressional District."

The head of the ACLU discusses the danger of watch lists.

David Ignatius speaks out against politicizing terrorism (bonus: who leaked Khan?)

Haw haw! Test scores reveal charter schools lagging.
Also, Florida court rules against school vouchers for religious education.

* The safety gap grows between SUVs and cars.
* Paul Krugman, on how to make sure the election this November looks credible.
* Sharon expands settlements, again.
* Howard Kurtz on what McGreevey didn't say, Bush's 2nd term, and more.
* New York gets ready to 'deal' with the convention protestors.
* The Jews for Jesus campaign stirs local outrage.
* The climate in California is changing drastically.
* Celebrating 25 years of ESPN.

Troia on security and fear.

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