PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

* Batman Begins - Best teaser trailer evar.
* Constantine - Trailer doesn't look bad, actually, but he's not blond, or British, and doesn't appear to be an asshole. This is a problem.
* Ladder 49 - This just in: Firefighters are heroes.
* Paparazzi - No, see, it's a thriller about evil paparazzi. I'm not joking. Brought to you by Mel "Holier than Thou" Gibson.
* Surviving Christmas - A wacky Christmas comedy, directed by the guy who did Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo. RQ, on Ben Affleck: "His career is officially over."
* Taxi - As a note, I am pretty dumb. I am also a fan of bad buddy cop movies. And a buddy cop movie with Queen Latifah *and* Jimmy Fallon? Ooh. Add in Christian Kane, and I am sold.
* Team America: World Police: As previously mentioned, it has potential, because the South Park guys can be funny. On the other hand, it has puppets.
* Wicker Park - Ehn, not my cup of tea, really.

TRAILERS AT LANDMARK (and thusly "indie"):
* Around the Bend - Oh my lord, Christopher Walken might have more than a cameo!
* A Dirty Shame - By all rights, I shouldn't want to see this movie.
* Red Lights - If I hear it's good, I will wait for the American remake. :}
* Silver City - Impressive cast, political satire, sign me up.
* We Don't Live Here Anymore - A-nope. Though Laura Dern is lookin' fine.

* Ghost in the Shell: Innocence - Hey, why not. Pretty anime on big screen.
* Nicotina - Ooh, maybe.

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