PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

general update

Let's see, the past two weeks:
* Took car into shop, sank a lot of money into weird acceleration problem and general tune-up/maintenance. Found out brakes needed a lot more money, ignored that for now. What's a little squeaking?
* Got haircut.
* Got new glasses.
* Noticed car brakes were getting worse, drove car to Rochester, NY, anyways.
* Stuck in an hour of bonus traffic sitting on a one-lane overpass, after someone smashed up their SUV at the bottom of the overpass. Bastard.
* Bebe was OK about half of the time in the car. She should be easier to entertain once she can, you know, communicate and stuff.
* Rehearsal dinner, wedding, lovely, etc.
* Drove back.
* Finally got new sunglasses in (thankyewSterlingOptical,) sure woulda been handy to have those on the trip.
* Literally right after I get home from picking up the new sunglasses, my beloved sunglasses case, which I praised constantly, broke once and for all. It's destiny!
* Watched tapes from over the weekend (as Uzbekistan was house-sitting the VCR as well) including the finale of The 4400, and possibly the worst episode of Teen Titans evar. Justice League and SG-1 were ok, and Atlantis continues to impress.
* Also, comic book store run. Go me.
* Took car back into shop (OK, different place, and seemingly better.) Got brakes fixed, after spending, you guessed it, a lot of money.
* Took car back to the same place *again* today, as the brakes were making the same noise after a day of being nice and quiet. Turned out part was defective, they replaced it, no extra charge, etc. Frustrating, but I kind of like the place (Precision Tune on Route One) so I tend to believe them.

I realize I never actually wrote up the wedding trip. It was much fun, of course, everything was lovely. I took a few notes, but realize it wouldn't be that interesting to most everyone. Once formal wedding pictures come in I will mention some more or what have you. Just take what other people said, and fill in some blanks for me. Oh, and let me note Irondequoit Mall is a fucking dive.

Oh, and while I was gone, I missed's wonderous update, Terminators in Hats.

* Aliens vs. Predator matinee,
* Some dogsitting for the parents,
* Dinner for Toltec's birthday (which was Sunday,)
* Dinner for JubJub's birthday soon thereafter,
* And a week's work of preparation for...
* weekend's trip to Seattle for RQ's sister's wedding. Fun fun. Leave *late* Thursday, come back Monday morning. Thought bebe in the car was fun? Let's talk another crosscountry flight with bebe... with no seat of her own! ROCK ON.
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